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Fully Automatic, High-End BGA & SMD Rework Station - Model ZM-R8650


R8650C fully automatic BGA rework station is a fully automatic visual alignment BGA rework station. This BGA repair station can be used as an automated desoldering machine and is suitable for automatic visual placement of various chip devices on large PCB boards (such as 5G communication boards), automatic welding, and automatic PCB soldering station. This automatic SMD soldering rework station machine can be combined with SAP/ERP to realize the software linkup (optional).

Two sets of high-definition industrial cameras are used for repeat placement accuracy down to ± 0.01mm. The 5 million pixels high-definition industrial camera system is for accurate measurement and positioning of the chip, the automatic vision software system automatically corrects the angle, and the image is displayed in HD.

High-definition CCD (5 million pixels) and high-definition CCD (1.3 million pixels) industrial cameras can accurately detect with telecentric lenses to avoid image distortion, eliminate measurement errors, achieve accurate alignment, and repeat alignment accuracy can reach ± 0.01mm.

Equipped with ionizer, which effectively eliminates static electricity on the board and protects the product.

All of our systems include 1 year parts warranty and lifetime technical support from our USA based locations.  We also offer sales and suppor in mexico, China and Taiwan.

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