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About us

Since 1991, Precision PCB Services, Inc. has provided products, services, training and consulting to contract manufacturer's' and product development companies.  Based on our vast experience, we search world wide and distribute what we consider to be the best BGA Rework Machines and related products at an affordable price.

It is our goal that when you purchase a BGA Rework Station from Precision PCB Services, Inc. that you don't just get a BGA Rework Station.  You get a complete BGA Rework System!  Our BGA Rework Stations come with everything you need to set up your complete BGA Rework Process in house.  Including employee training and lifetime technical support!

Our rework stations provide precise, alignment, placement, soldering and desoldering for BGA,CGA,QFN, POP, LGA, and other SMD packages.  Rework delicate, heat-sensitive, SMD's with confidence. Expertly rework and repair complex PCBAs. Each SMT rework station includes hot air soldering with infrared PCB preheating, plus split-vision optics for precise lead-to-pad alignment.