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BGA & SMD Rework Station - Model ZM-R7850A

BGA & SMD Rework Station - Model ZM-R7850A


The Zhuomao ZM-R7850A BGA Rework Station is a top of the line Nitrogen Capable Rework System.  Great to help increase yield with Lead Free Solders and a no clean process.   Place SMD components from .8mm to 80mm with the high resolution motorized vision system.  Comes with 5 thermocouple inputs and external Industrial PC control with software for in depth profiling and analysis.

All of our systems include 1 year parts warranty and lifetime technical support from our USA based locations.

Call (888) 406-2830 for answers to your questions.


Specifications and technical parameters ZM-R7850A                               

1. Power: AC 380V /AC220  50/60Hz BGA

2. Total Power: Max 8800W

3. Top heater power: 1000W

4. Bottom heater power: 1200W

5. Bottom preheating power: 6600W

6. Control part power: 200W

7. Temperature accuracy:±2℃

8. Mounting accuracy: ±0.01mm

9. Mounting pressure: <0.2N

10. Top heater heating temperature: 400℃(Max)

11. Max PCB  size: Max 640mm×520mm;Min10mm ×10mm

12. BGA chip size: 0.8mm×0.8mm—80mm×80mm

13. Size: L840mm×W960mm×H1600mm BGA

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