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BGA & SMD Rework Station - Model SV530

New Arrival!  Call (888) 406-2830 for answers to your questions. Easy placement and Soldering of BGAs, CGA's, CSPs, QFPs, LGA's and Other SMD's using this color optical system with functions of split vision, zoom in/out and micro-adjust, equipped with aberration detection device; with auto focus and software operation function, 27 X...

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Precision PCB Services, Inc.

Welcome to our store.  We are the BGA Experts with over 25 years of application experience.  We provide a complete line of BGA Rework Stations, and other products for circuit board rework repair and assembly.  It is our goal to provide the highest quality products and to provide you with superior support.  All of our equipment includes a 1 year warranty and lifetime technical support.

Have questions?  Call us anytime toll free: (888) 406-2830