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A U.S. Distributor of Chip-Off Equipment for Digital Forensics. Model WDS 620.


Call (888) 406-2830 for answers to your questions.

Training at our California or Texas facilities included.

Digital Forensics Cell Phone Hot Air Chip Off Machine.   With the Model 620 you can safely remove and re-install components on cell phones and computer boards.

The software and hot air function allow you to control the heat so that the component is slowly heated to solder melt and then automatically removed without damaging it.,

After the component has new solder balls attached you can install it on a working circuit board.  By using the color optical system with functions of split vision; it will allow you to precisely align the component to the circuit board.  The component is automatically placed and heated to solder melt according to a pre-programmed heat profile.

The vision system features high resolution optical focus, zoom in/out, micro-adjust, an aberration detection device, with auto focus.

Model Chip Off-620 BGA Chip-Off Machine

Similar to: Seamark ZM-R7220A but will fit larger boards.


  • Fits Boards up to 17"
  • Places components from 1mm to 50mm
  • 5 MP CCD camera optical alignment system mount precision:±0.01mm
  • 1200 watt component heater (Top Side)
  • 1200 watt component heater (Bottom Side)
  • 2700 Watt IR underheater 
  • Powerful cross flow fans cool the bottom heating area rapidly with stable speed.
  • Color optical system with functions of split vision, zoom in/out and micro-adjust.
  • Auto focus and software operation camera.
  • Fully self contained. No need for external air.
  • Plug in and ready to use.
  • One year parts warranty.
  • Lifetime technical support.

Accessories Include:

  • 7pcs nozzle set. (5 for upper heater, 2 for lower heater)
  • 3 different size component pick up tubes.
  • Chip-off process training is also available for an additional fee.

Demo Video Here:

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