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Reflow Oven - Model T960

Reflow Oven - Model T960


Easy to program, this 5 Zone reflow oven has 3 upper and 2 lower heating zones. Great for assembly of circuit boards as wide as 11.5 inches.   Reflow all types of components including LED's, BGA'S, LGA's, QFN's, Resistors, Caps and more!

Best of all it comes with USA Warranty and Technical Support!

Technical parameters:

  • Five heating zones - 3 Upper and 2 Lower
  • Features rapid infrared heating 
  • Maximum temperature setting is 300C
  • Maximum width of PCB board 300MM 
  • The speed of conveyer belt 0-1600mm/min 
  • Heating up time Around 15mins
  • 220 Volt/50 Amp/Single Phase
  • 1 year parts warranty
  • Lifetime technical support
  • On site employee training available at additional fee.

All of our products and equipment come with U.S. based warranty and technical support.

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Allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.