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BGA & SMD Rework Station - Model RW-B400C

BGA & SMD Rework Station - Model RW-B400C


    A great entry level BGA Rework Station for jobs that don't require split vision assist camera.

    Call (888) 406-2830 for answers to your questions.

    We are the BGA Rework Experts!   Established in 1991, Precision PCB Services, Inc. are experts in BGA Component Rework, PCB Assembly, Rework and Repair. 

    We also provide employee training, maintenance, service and repairs on all make and models of BGA Rework Machines.

    PCB & Component Requirements

    PCB Maximum Size 17.5"
    Max Processing Area 120mm x 120mm 
    Max PCB Thickness 4mm
    Max Component Size 55mm x 55mm
    Min Component Size 4mm x 4mm
    Max Component Weight 80g
    Thermal Specifications
    Max Hot Air Head Temp. 350° C
    Max Lower IR Heat 400° C
    Heat Control Adjustment 8-Stage Programmable Temperature Settings
    Upper Hot Air Head Power Usage 600W
    Lower IR Heating Power Usage 800W
    Lower IR Heater Power Usage 2700W
    Dimensions & Power Requirements
    System Dimensions 660mm (L) 630mm (W) 600mm (H)
    Weight Appox 60Kg
    Power Requirements Single Phase, 220VAC, 50/60 Hz, 


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