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Polyimide Film Tape 0.750" (3/4") x 36 Yards

Polyimide Film Tape 0.750" (3/4") x 36 Yards


Lead-Free / RoHS 3 Compliant / REACH Compliant
Product Highlights
Amber colored 2 mil thick (1 mil without adhesive) polyimide film tape.
Silicone adhesive provides superior high temperature performance, reducing adhesive transfer to help eliminate cleaning.
Dimensionally stable at high temperatures.
Flame retardant.
Chemical and radiation resistant.
Polyethylene tape core for better roll stability.

Common Uses
High Temperature Masking.
Printed circuit board (PCB) solder masking for wave solder or solder dip processes.
As a release surface for parts fabricated and cured at elevated temperatures.
High temperature insulating applications.

Backing, Carrier: Polyimide Film
Adhesive: Silicone
Color: Amber
Total Thickness: 0.002"
Backing Thickness (Thickness - Adhesive): 0.001"
Width: 3/4"
Length: 36 yards (33 meters, 108 feet)
Elongation at break: >50%
Tensile Strength: 34 lb/in width (600 N/100mm)
Adhesion to Steel: 29 oz/in width (32 N/100mm)
Voltage Withstand: 5000 volts
Operating Temperature Range: -73C to +260C (-100F to +500F)
Maximum Temperature: +280C (536F)
Flame Retardant: Yes
Packaging: Roll