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Model RW-SV2000A BGA Rework Station

Model RW-SV2000A BGA Rework Station


A Top of the line BGA Rework Station for use by Contract Manufacturer's and Circuit Board Assembly Companies.

  • Nitrogen Capable for High Yield Lead Free BGA Rework.
  • Movable top and bottom gas heaters for large boards.
  • For Large PCB's up to 39" x 31.5"

For high volume BGA Rework on even the largest computer and networking boards! This BGA Rework System has High-Definition Camera, Auto-X-Y and Theta Split-Vision Alignment for Automatic Removal, Placement, and Soldering of BGAs, CGA's, CSPs, QFPs, LGA's and Other SMDs.  The rapid-IR Underheater is a must for large PCB's with many layers or heavy ground planes.

Price includes 2 days for On-Site Installation, Set Up and Employee training for items sold to companies based in USA.

Call (888) 406-2830 for answers to your questions.


    • Fits Boards up to 39" X 31.5"
    • Places components from 1mm to 90mm
    • Five Thermal Couple Inputs.
    • Motorized X, Y and Theta controls.
    • Auto soldering and mounting function.
    • Top Side Spot Heater
    • Bottom Side Spot Heater
    •  8-zone Rapid Heat-IR Underheater 
    •  Powerful cross flow fans cool the bottom heating area rapidly with stable speed.
    •  Color optical system with functions of split vision, zoom in/out and micro-adjust.
    •  Auto focus and software operation function, 2 million pixel high-definition camera.
    • 15’’ high-definition LCD monitor.
    • Fully self contained with PLC control.
    • 1 year part warranty.
    • Lifetime technical support.
    • Suitable for large Servo, Base station, Industrial computer repair, able to rework difficult components like CGABGAQFNCSPLGAMicro SMDMLF(Micro Lead Frames)

Technical specification:

Applicable PCB

Max. PCB size

1000X800mm = 39”X 31.5”


Workable area


Bottom preheat area

700*600mm = 27.5”X23.5”

PCB thickness

0.5-5mm (Max. thickness 10mm with custom-made jig)

Applicable BGA

Max. size

80mm x 80mm

Min. size

1mm x 1mm

Max. weight


Placement accuracy


Temperature control

Upper heater


Lower heater


Bottom IR heater


Control model

16 zones of programmable, temperature setting  for profile.

Power consumption

System total power

Max. 24KW/65Amp @ 3 Phase

Upper heater

Max. 2000W

Lower heater


Bottom IR heater





System parameter

Machine Dimension




Appox 700KGS = 1534 LBS.

Input voltage


Three phase 380V±10% 50/60Hz   24KW / 65 Amp

Air or Nitrogen source





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