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Model SV560 BGA Rework Station with Side View Camera

Model SV560 BGA Rework Station with Side View Camera


This High Definition, Split-Vision Optical System will remove and place components from .22mm to 120mm includng BGAs, CGA's, CSPs, QFPs, LGA's and Other SMDs.

Includes the side view camera option that allows you to observe the solder balls reflow on the video screen in real time.

Our Shuttle Star Model SV560 BGA Rework Machine will rework the largest computer and networking boards with ease.  Features top and bottom hot air with a rapid heat infrared area heater to allow for even heating.


  • High Resolution HDMI Vision System
  • Side View Camera
  • Fits Boards up to 24"
  • Places components from .22mm to 60mm
  • 1200 watt component heater (Top Side)
  • 800 watt component heater (Bottom Side)
  • 6-zone 3600 Watt rapid-IR underheater.
  •  Powerful cross flow fans cool the bottom heating area rapidly with stable speed.
  •  Color optical system with functions of split vision, zoom in/out and micro-adjust.
  •  Auto focus and software operation function with high-definition camera.
  •  HDMI - High-definition LCD monitor.
  • Six Zone Rapid IR under heater.
  •  Fully self contained with PLC control.  No need for external air.
  •  Plug in and ready to use.
  • Lifetime Technical Support
  • 1 Year Parts Warranty
  • Installation, Set Up and Employee training is available at an additional fee.

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