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BGA & SMD Rework Station - Model ZM-R720

BGA & SMD Rework Station - Model ZM-R720


Place SMD components as small as 0.22mm with this high resolution Hot Air Rework System.  One of the most precise machines on the market at this affordable price.

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  • Ultra High Resolution Vision System
  • Places components from 0.22mm to 60mm
  • Fits Boards up to 16"
  • Top heating Hot air of 1200W
  • Bottom heating Hot air of 1200W
  • IR Area heater composed of carbon fiber 2700W 
  • Product dimensions 640×630×900 mm
  • Preheater size 370×270 mm
  • PCB dimensions Max 410×370mm, Min 20×20 mm
  • Temperature control Thermocouple probe K type with precision of ±2°
  • Electronics Servo control system, touch screen, PLC driver, USB connection.
  • Positioning system Split Vision System with enlargement from 10 to 100×, analogue lighting control and PCB positioning.
  • Auxiliary tool Servo control system, LED lamp, laser pointer, vacuum pick up.
  • Weight netto 70 kg
  • Accessories: 4 nozzles of upper module (10×10, 28×28, 31×31, 38×38), 2 nozzles of bottom modules (35×35, 55×55mm), 6 handles for PCB boards, set of suction cups, external thermo-couple, auxiliary temperature sensors, auxiliary heating elements (1×hot air, 1×IR), monitor, operating and manual.

Allow 2 weeks for delivery.

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