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BGA Rework Machine - Model SV550

BGA Rework Machine - Model SV550


A Great all around BGA Rework System with Split-Vision Alignment for Removal, Placement, and Soldering of BGAs, CGA's, CSPs, QFPs, LGA's and Other SMDs. Comes with a standard resolution vision system capable of placing components from 6mm to 60mm on PCB's as large as 26 inches.

BGA Rework Station Demo Video


  • Standard Resolution Vision System
  • Fits Boards up to 24"
  • Places components from 6mm to 50mm
  • 1200 watt component heater (Top Side)
  • 800 watt component heater (Bottom Side)
  • 6-zone 3600 Watt IR underheater 
  • Powerful cross flow fans cool the bottom heating area rapidly with stable speed.
  • Color optical system with functions of split vision, zoom in/out and micro-adjust.
  • Auto focus and software operation camera.
  • Standard-definition LCD monitor.
  • Fully self contained with PLC control.  No need for external air.
  • Plug in and ready to use.
  • One year parts warranty.
  • Lifetime technical support.

Accessories Include:

  • 7pcs nozzle set. (5 for upper heater, 2 for lower heater)
  • 5 different size component pick up tubes
  • Universal reball fixture with standard stencil set.
  • 2-Jars of solder balls.
  • 1-75 gram jar of tacky flux.

Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.


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